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Family Pictures from World War II
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Aboard ship to China

A slow boat to China

Jack and Green in rickshaws Forbidden City

Jack at The Forbidden City

Naguain, Jack and Green The Forbidden City

Destroyed tank. This one was really

Guadalcanal 1943

Japanese prisoners of war under Chinese guard



P51 Mustang with Chinese soldier

Peiping 1945, Jack cleaning his carbine in barracks

Misc Aircraft

Misc Aircraft

Misc Aircraft

This is probably a captured Japaneese
Zero repained with a Chinese insignia.

Misc Aircraft

Jack with Chinese friends

Jack with Keller in China

Xian Yuen Airfield with Frankenstein

Green, Jack and Joe in front of barracks, China

Jack, Coolie, and Smith

Marines with Chinese children

bomb dump, loading bombs

bomb dump, loading bombs

bomb dump, loading bombs;
Jack with McGowan

Near Bloody Nose Ridge in the bomb dump

With McGowan

Children with Marine


loading bombs

Paul Tate, Josh, and Jack

Rush, Ambruster, Keller, and Long with a special delivery bomb

Rush, Keller and Jack in front of a foxhole
(the mound) Palms are shell torn

Recently some Marines in Afghanistan were Court Marshalled for urinating on the bodies of their enemty. How times have changed.

San Diego, living with Margaret

San Diego, Lola

Santa Barbara Lola and Jack

Santa Barbara, Jack and Lola
during break from war

Santa Barbara, Jack with Grandma

Santa Barbara, meeting Jack
during break from war

Santa Barbara, meeting Lola
during break from war

VMTB143 - Marine Torpedo Bombing Squadron 143
Guadalcanal. Probably 1943.

Jack and Redman


Out of basic

With Slim who was from California