Mother's Voice.

Un-typically, she is late for her own funeral.

I look like I'm asleep.
Grow up. You look dead.

An old friend, a fireman,
       in his 3/4 ton Ford
       drives 200 miles to attend.
       An unexpected and pleasant surprise.
       That was nice of him. He didn't have to do that.

Other friends
       Sam and Karen and Leroux
       Dave and his father
       many cousins.

Therese sings and doesn't disappoint
      Bill Zumwalt speaks, and speaks, and speaks
      I take a nap.
      You should be glad Kent is on this side. He would have been twice as long.

All of my children
      in the same place
      may never happen again.
      Jason looks all grown up finally. Dillon needs a shave.

An impromptu wake
      on the sidewalk
      at Starbucks.
      It's pleasant here in the sunshine.

I can hear her laughter
      with the other girls
      looking at old pictures.
      Isn't that baby beautiful!

All things considered, not a bad day.

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