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Family Pictures from before World War II
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New York

Jack on his rocking horse. Butsie (Joseph) and Jack.

Eleanor Francis Buckley Conneally Clark. Eleanor

Elzy's Lodge entrance, Annemarie.
Elzy's Lodge is in Woodland, New York.
Elzy's Lodge in summer.

Elzy's Lodge side view. Elzy's Lodge, the sun porch.

Grandma Buckley giving one of her roses to sister, Mary. Grandma Buckley with Pat.

Honore. Hunting on snowshoes.

Hunting on snowshoes playing with Pat. Hunting on snowshoes.

Jack and Jenret. Jack and Joseph swimming.

Jonathan Maxwell started his automotive endeavors with Ransom Olds. Maxwell-Briscoe was the initial manufacturing enterprise. Benjamin Briscoe sold his interest in Buick to launch the company. Briscoe almost bankrupted the comapny when he used it launch United States Motor Company, envisioned as a competitor for GM. In reorganization the company became Maxwell. The company again faced bankruptcy during the economic recession after World War I. Walter Chrysler, a corporate troubleshooter was brought in to save the day. Instead he gained control of the company and renamed it Chrysler.
A cousin and his Maxwell

Jack with brothers, sister, and cousins6th from front. Jack with Tarzan.

Jack, Molly, and 3 cousins at a birthday party. Jack, Pat, and Molly, Grandma Buckley at window.

Jane Ann Russell Conneally holding a grandchild. Jaxk with his Mother.

John D. Conneally on the police force. John Sr.

Joseph Buckley, Olympic swimmer. Joseph, Pat, Jack, and Molly.

Lola with Grandpa Conneally in New York. Molly in 1917.

Molly with Jack on his new horse and wagon. Nana and Molly.

Nana Clark with Bruce and Tarzan. Nana with Bruce and Tarzan.

Nana with Pat Scissor profile in same hat as the picture on the right.
This is dated 1944 but I think it properly belongs on this page.
Nana with Pat.
Pat was in the Coast Guard. This picture also take in the 1940's.

Nana, Molly, and JD. NYC Policeman JDC

NYC Policeman, John Dillon Conneally. Pat and Jack with Bruce and Tarzan.

Pat and Jack with Bruce and Tarzan1. Pat in the city wearing his mink.

Pat, Molly, Nana in her mink, and Jack in the Catskills. Pat, Nun, Nana, Molly, Jack.

These pictures were obviously taken after a successful
penguin hunt in the Catskills. I don't think perguins get
that big anymore, especially in upstate New York. It is probably because of climate change.
Sister Noel and Sister Mary Francis Regis.

Teammate, Pat and Jack playing cricket. Winter in the Catskills 2.

Jane and John Conneally Marriage Certificate