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Family Pictures from before World War II
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Arizona/New Mexico/Texas

frieght to wilcox Grandma Lund wrote my sons Melvin, HG, Jack, Guy, Miles, Anthon

Grandpa Lee and kids Guy punching cows with a bow tie.
Uncle Guy was the clown who started calling
me Johnnysean. I guess it could have been worse.
I could be Gladis now.

Jack and buddy, Bill Zimmerman Jack at Pool Corral 1936

Jack in while on King Ranch Jack on horseback

Jack on horseback Jack with Bill Zimmerman on the Coyote with a wild burro

Jack with Chico, a wedding gift from Bill Zimmerman Jack with his prize calf.
Jack named him Herbert Hoover
because he was such a great disapointment

Jack working in Deming Jack working in Deming with Old Steeple

John D. Lee
of Mountain Meadows Massacre fame.
To this day the family believes he was a scapegoat.
John Willard and Lucinda Lee family Maggid is in the middle

Little Will Lund, the best dancer in the county Lola as a babe

Lola hanging laundry at Burnt Corral Lola on horseback-1

Lola with horse at Pool Corral Lola with horses and dog

Lola's uncle, Curt Maxwell and a deer on a leash Baby Lola

Lund, Lola and Vera in their swimsuits Lola as a baby again

Lola in HS Lola walking home from school

Mama and Daddy's wedding day with Grandma Margaret, Eva, Ida, Minnie, and Lillian

Mother Lucinda with daughters, Minnie, Margaret, Lillian, Ida, and Eva on the reservation

One of my uncles breaking horse Roundup 1936

Roundup 1936 cowboys Roundup 1936 Jack working with Heel Flies Bill Zimmerman

Roundup 1936 Jack working with Heel Flies Bill Zimmerman1 Roundup 1936, Daddy branding, Anthon at head of steer

Roundup 1936, Daddy branding, Anthon at head of steer1 Roundup Jack, cook, and Buffalo Spence

John Willard Lee, who was Grandma Lund's father
and John D. Lee's son by Agatha Ann Woolsey.
Margo the pinup.

Margo at Grand Canyon

John D. Lee's house
in Nauvoo Il.
Summer 1941 at Burnt Corral, Jack with Henry Gaede, visiting from NY

the old ranch in Nutrioso Tookus and Teddy