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Family Pictures from the 50's and 60's
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best friends

best friends


checking out that rifle


cub scouts

dressed for a play

early indoctrination

Easter bunny

Eleanor in middle age

family 1965

family in Mesa

Grandpa and Jack at Hoover Dam. Notice the pose. No one told them to cross their legs, they both just did it, the same way.

Grandpa Conneally and Sue at the Grand Canyon

Grandpa Conneally at Hoover dam

Guy and Margo

hat like daddy

high school graduation

high school stage band, 1971

high school graduation

high school graduation

hunt 1 coonskin hat

hunt 2 coonskin hat

hunt 3 coonskin hat

hunt 3

hunt 4

hunt 5

hunt 6

John D. Conneally with Annemarie

Johnny and Bruce

Johnny and Daddy

Johnny and his rabbit

Johnny and mother at disneyland

Johnny and old Rex

Johnny and Rex

Johnny and the puppies

Johnny can read!

Johnny with Grandma Lund

Johnny with Santa

Johnny's first birthday

Karen, Carol Ann and Sue playing grown up ladies

Korean war Deno

Korean war, Deno again

Lola and child

Lola and Jack on front porch

Lola at Billie's house in phoenix

Margaret and Trav while stationed in japan

Margo and Johnny

Margo and Rex

Margo with Johnny in mama's wig


Mego, Margo and I think Anthon

Mrs. Hoge's class

Mrs. Householder 1

Mrs. Householder 2


on phone

Operation Desert Strike

our family

our house

pigtails and moccasins

ready for church

school class

school picture

school picture


Sue dressed up to play mother with Johnny

Sue the playboy bunny

Sue, Jack and Johnny

Sue, Miriam Hansom, and Johnny

to Mesa with the new little prince

too big jammies