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Since you are reading this web site I can conclude that (a) you are lost, or (b) you already know me. I will presume we are acquainted.

These humble pages are intended, mostly, as a non-serious communication between you and I. I am not selling anything; I have no coffee cups or tee shirts or such to try and relieve you of your money. I have published a really interesting E-Book: I have a link at the top of this page. It really is worth 4 bucks and I highly recommend it. Of course, I would recommend it, since I wrote it. *smile* But you can download it here, for free! Just click on the UFO Murders link.

The wallpaper collection will change from time to time; I will add new pictures as I encounter them. The picture must be dramatic and it must not be too busy on the left side so that my icons are easy to see when I put it on the desk top. I have also included a few pictures that might make a nice cover photo for Face Book.

Bad Poetry contains short stories a recipe, and some bad poetry. If you would like to contribute please email me. I will happily include your bad poetry too.

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